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Tape No. 10, side A, song no. 2

(New Year's Day - traditional celebration of first day of spring)

What kind of Naoroz can we have? Blood is flowing in our land!
Who is there to care for us? The "leaders" lap blood!
Only he/she can care for us who has suffered and knows our suffering
Or, like Kabul, has been bitten by the rabid fundamentalists!
That is- someone who is bleeding like our people [can care for us].

The wild tulip sprouts out with groans of anguish from the blood of the martyrs
Freedom branded onto its heart * , devastated by cruelty and oppression.

Despite myriads of tribulations, they [the people] undid the work of the devil
But the treacherous dagger of the foul fundamentalists struck from behind!

Orphaned children have no Naoroz festivity in their hearts
They have no bread nor clothes in addition to all other miseries.

Their tears flow down like the rain in spring
Flower gardens are in their eyes no better than thorns and thistles.

Each of these Machiavellists have gained notoriety in perfidy
Out of the blue they have become "Engineers" and "Professors"! **

At every instant, rivers of blood of the people do they spill
Accursed are they, curses of the people on their heads and faces!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

* - The indigenous wild tulip of the Afghan valleys and steppes has a black spot
which is regarded as a symbol of suffering.

** - The fundamentalist leaders have bestowed these titles upon themselves to
gain prestige in the eyes of their followers, e.g. "Engineer" Gulbuddin Hekmatyar
(sophomore dropout of engineering college), "Professor" Burhanuddin Rabbani
(lecturer in theology)