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Tape No. 10, side B, song no. 2

The Curse

Get out! Get out of our land, O shameless one!
Out of the land which has nothing left for you.

The blade has reached the bone
We can bear no more.

O you who hate your people and your country!
Since decades you are engaged in slaughtering.
You are exposed, your mask has been ripped off
Despite the beard and the cap * you are the same old hyena.

In your lust for power you have made yourself Sultan and Vizier,
Your are crazed for power, you are evil!

That was a sly trick, that mask of religion!
Under the name of "Banner" and "People" ** you served alien masters
But it is your nature and your instinct that has made you
Lap the blood of our countrymen and Kabul citizens

You hammer nails into skulls, you cut of the breasts of women ***
You are crazed, you drink blood.

- - - - - - - - -

* - The male beard was formerly revered as a sign of piety and
kind-heartedness. The traditional round felt cap has become a
trademark of the "Mujaheddin", Islamic "warriors of Allah", i.e.

** - "Banner" [Parcham] and "People" [Khalq] were the nicknames of
the two rival factions of the stooge People's Democratic Party of
Afghanistan, both of which pandered the Soviet aggression and occupation
of Afghanistan.

*** - Atrocities committed by Islamic fundamentalist parties against
members of opposing ethnic minorities.