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Tape No. 10, side B, song no. 3

Grieving Mother

My land, O grieving mother!
This pitch darkness of night shall yield to the dawn

On your blood have we renewed our oath
To free you from this tyranny.
Your perfidious and despicable enemy
Has utterly devastated your territory.
These savages have torn out your heart
With bombs and guns and howitzers and rockets.

Your agonised and mourning children
Are wandering and displaced in other people's lands
Mothers succumbed under torture,
Their sons died under hatchet and cleaver blows.
Daughters for your honour
Sacrificed themselves and gave themselves to death

But, these lackeys of aliens
Keep selling you to master after master.

These three battle cries shall we never forsake:
With Democracy shall we turn your night into dawn
With Justice shall we dress the people's wounds
Your Freedom shall we attain once more

These three banners shall we hoist over our land
Forward we march, no danger do we fear!