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Tape No. 10, side B, song no. 1

Kabul, Take Revenge!

Kabul, flare up and get rid of the Ikhwanis (fundamentalists)
Get rid of these savages who have been playing with your very existence
These Ikhwanis, whose leader Gulboddin is the symbol of abject bondage
This savage is the symbol of alien domination when you consider the massacre of the people.
These traitors! These outcast "leaders"! Get rid of them!

[It is of you, O fundamentalists] the raining down of rockets and bombs on Kabul residents!
[It is of you, O fundamentalists] that brave youths are cut to pieces!
[O Kabul] gather yourself up to become the fist of revenge, get rid of these wolves!

[O Kabul] your objective is freedom, democracy and resistance,
[O Kabul] your objective is the people's freedom, welfare and dignity,
Get rid of these Pakistani, Arab and Iranian stooges!